Around the world, many have reported that their first experience of “something more” was triggered by an encounter with beauty, typically in the form of art or music. Several cases of this have been reported to me personally. Beauty often creates in us a sense of longing, a longing for “something even more”. And the search for that “something even more” is what launches us towards a shimenawa connecting us to the realm of the spirit. Here we present a series of essays and commentary on the beauty created by artists around the world that might prove capable of launching you on your own quest for “something more”.

Here, describe poetry, then give links to pages/posts with poetry.

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Here describe Tanuki, then give links to 5 Tanuki items:

  1. What is a Tanuki?
  2. Where are you going?
  3. Who cares about the Truth?
  4. The Fires
  5. The Argument
Rainbow and Inspiration